The Most Laidback Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Doug Collins


Taurus is a sign known for their relaxed and grounded nature. They prioritize simple pleasures and have a patient approach to life.


Pisces are known for their easy-going and dreamy nature, often going with the flow. They possess strong intuition and empathetic qualities that make them less likely to get worked up over things they cannot control.


Sagittarius is a sign known for their love of adventure and freedom, with a carefree attitude. They enjoy taking risks and exploring new things, which keeps them relaxed and open-minded.


Libra is a sign known for their balanced and harmonious nature, preferring peaceful solutions to conflicts. They are social creatures, which contributes to their laidback nature and contentment.


Aquarius is a sign known for their unconventional and quirky nature, with a unique perspective on life. They are open-minded and accepting, which contributes to their relaxed and stress-free attitude.

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