The Weirdest Fashion Trends from Each Decade

1900s: Corsets

Internal organ damage, broken ribs, hours to get dressed—there is such thing as doing too much for fashun and corsets are it.

1910s: The Hobble Skirt

Floor-length hemlines may look chic, but they can be difficult to walk in.

1920s: Cloche Hats

Baby hats are cute on babies, but not on adults.

1930s: T-Strap Shoes and Heeled Oxfords

The 1930s were a tough time, but there was no need to wear ugly shoes.

1940s: Mini Bowler Hats

Miniature hats can be cute, but they can also look out of place on most people. They can make a head look too small, and they can also be difficult to keep in place.

1950s: White Gloves

Miniature hats are elegant, but not practical for eating finger food.

1960s: "Futuristic" Fashion

Thank goodness metallic skin-tight pants never became a trend.

1970s: Jumpsuits for Men

Jumpsuits can be a great option for some people, but they're not for everyone.

1980s: Leg Warmers

Is it even humanly possible for someone's calves to get chilly while working out? Please advise.

1990s: Color Tinted Sunglasses

Proving the world doesn't always look better through tinted colored glass.

2000s: Very, Very Low-Rise Jeans

Perfect for showing off your thong.

2010s: Micro Mini Bags

Why was this ever a thing?