The Zodiac Pairs Most Likely To Go To War With Each Other

Doug Collins

Aquarius & Taurus

Two extremely stubborn people in a room for too long may result in an inevitable argument that can escalate into a war, especially when it involves an Aquarius and a Taurus spending time together.

Gemini & Pisces

Pisces and Gemini's different thought processes based on intuition and rationality can result in a lack of understanding and unavoidable conflict due to the way they view situations differently.

Aries & Leo

Aries and Leo won't hesitate to engage in confrontations and won't care about the audience or noise level, be it at home or in public settings.

Gemini & Capricorn

Geminis' notorious reputation can lead to conflicts with multiple zodiac signs, while Capricorns' dependability makes them great partners and employees.

Libra & Virgo

Libra's extroverted nature may irritate the introspective Virgo, leading to a denial of commonality. Libra is popular and surrounded by friends, while Virgo is a solitary intellectual.

Sagittarius & Cancer

Sagittarius and Cancer's differences make it hard for them to understand each other or find common ground. Sagittarius craves adventure, while Cancer seeks comfort and stability.

Scorpio & Leo

Scorpios are introverted but powerful, and always know what they want. Leos are extroverted and love to talk to make people laugh.

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