Top 10 Movies Similar to Troy MOVIE

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Kingdom of Heaven (2005) 

Set during the Crusades, a blacksmith becomes a knight and finds himself caught in the middle of religious and political conflicts.


Alexander (2004)

A biographical film about the life of Alexander the Great, exploring his military conquests and personal struggles.


The Last Samurai (2003)

An American military officer finds himself drawn to the samurai way of life while helping the Japanese in their struggle against modernization.


13th Warrior (1999)

An Arab ambassador joins a group of Norse warriors in their battle against supernatural creatures.


Centurion (2010)

Set in Roman-occupied Britain, a Roman soldier fights for his life behind enemy lines.


The Eagle (2011)

A Roman soldier embarks on a dangerous mission to recover the lost symbol of his father's legion.



Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, an officer in the Roman army, returns to his homeland after years at sea to seek revenge, but finds redemption.


300 (2006)

Based on the Battle of Thermopylae, a small group of Spartan warriors battles against overwhelming odds to defend their land.


The Patriot

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son.


Gladiator (2000)

A Roman general turned gladiator seeks revenge against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family.

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