Top 10 Popular Foods People Hate, and Why

Many people dislike the strong and slightly bitter taste of Brussels sprouts, which can be off-putting if not prepared properly.

Brussels Sprouts

Anchovies have a strong, salty flavor that some find overwhelming and unpleasant.


The distinct taste and texture of liver can be off-putting for many, with some describing it as too strong or metallic.


Known for its pungent odor, durian has a divisive taste and smell that some find unpleasant, often described as a mix of onions, garlic, and fruit.


The distinct flavor of black licorice, derived from anise, can be polarizing, with some finding it too strong, medicinal, or reminiscent of cough syrup.

Black Licorice

These yeast-based spreads have an intense and salty taste that people either love or hate. The strong umami flavor can be overpowering for some.


The briny and salty taste of olives is an acquired taste, and many people find them too strong or bitter.


Blue cheese has a strong, pungent flavor and a characteristic moldy aroma, which can be overpowering and unpleasant to those who are not fans of strong cheeses.

Blue Cheese

Some individuals have a genetic predisposition that causes cilantro to taste soapy or like dish detergent, which can be quite off-putting.


The texture and mild taste of tofu can be unappealing to those who are not accustomed to it, often described as bland or rubbery.


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