Top 5 Friday Night  Fish Fry Recipes

Classic Beer-Battered Fish: Light and crispy beer-battered fish fillets, usually made with cod or haddock, served with tartar sauce and lemon wedges.

Cajun-Style Catfish: Spiced and seasoned catfish fillets coated with a flavorful Cajun seasoning and pan-fried to perfection.

Lemon-Herb Baked Salmon: Salmon fillets marinated with lemon, herbs, and garlic, then baked until tender and flaky.

Panko-Crusted Tilapia: Tilapia fillets coated in panko breadcrumbs and baked or pan-fried for a delicious and crunchy texture.

Southern-Style Fried Shrimp: Succulent shrimp coated in a seasoned cornmeal or flour mixture and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.

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