Top 8 Worst Dam Disasters of All Time

Johnstown Flood (1889)

Catastrophic failure of South Fork Dam in Pennsylvania, resulting in over 2,200 deaths and extensive destruction.

St. Francis Dam Failure (1928)

Failure of the St. Francis Dam in California, causing a massive flood that claimed approximately 450 lives and caused significant property damage.

Banqiao Dam (1975)

The collapse of Banqiao Dam in China triggered one of the deadliest disasters in history, with an estimated death toll ranging from 171,000 to 230,000 people due to widespread flooding.

Teton Dam Failure (1976)

Structural failure of Teton Dam in Idaho, leading to substantial flooding and the destruction of numerous homes, agricultural lands, and infrastructure.

Val di Stava Dam Collapse (1985)

The collapse of the tailings dam in Val di Stava, Italy, resulted in a mudflow that claimed the lives of 268 people and caused extensive environmental damage.

Malpasset Dam (1959)

Failure of the Malpasset Dam in France, causing a catastrophic flood that resulted in the loss of 423 lives and significant property damage downstream.

Vajont Dam Disaster (1963)

Landslide-induced overtopping of the Vajont Dam in Italy, leading to a massive wave that engulfed nearby villages and caused approximately 2,000 fatalities.

Machchu II Dam (1979)

Failure of the Machchu II Dam in India, causing a devastating flood that claimed around 1,800 lives and caused extensive damage to infrastructure and agriculture.