The worst TV series finales ever

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The Office (US)

The show's celebrity cameos became its only saving grace, leaving little else to be desired after the last episode aired in May 2013.

Quantum Leap

The finale of this classic TV show prepared many for the disappointment that a series finale could generate for years to come.


On the 21st May 2012, 'House' fans were watching the final episode of the eight seasons with complete perplexity. 

Spoiler Alert: The Worst TV Series Finales

From ‘Lost’ to ‘Line of Duty’ and an extensive list of series in between it is now unfortunately common to see the long-awaited final episodes of a series cause controversy.

BBC's Line of Duty

After two years of disappearing from our screens, Line of Duty came back with a bang. The whirlwind show had everyone on the edge of their seats, being thrown between complex storylines, interesting characters and a lot of police action.

How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby spent all of nine seasons telling his children how he had met their mother and it turns out that their mother had passed away six years previously.


The secret of maturing is to become a mother? According to the end of 'Girls', it would appear to be something like that.

Mad Men

Everyone expected Don Draper to end up thrown into an abyss. Even more so after having said goodbye to the women in his life Peggy, Sally and Betty. 

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