Top 9 Accidental Discoveries That Changed the World

He independently discovered potential healing properties of P. glaucum, although it remains uncertain if the active compound was truly penicillin, as he referred to the filtrate as "penicillin."

1. Penicillin

Spencer accidentally discovered the concept of microwaves while working on radar sets, noticing a melted candy bar in his pocket, leading to the invention of the microwave oven using electromagnetic waves.

2. The Microwave

While on a walk, he noticed something clinging to his trousers, leading to the invention of Velcro—a product composed of fabric strips with tiny hooks and loops that attach to each other.

3. Velcro

While working at DuPont, he discovered a slippery waxy material coating the interior of a bottle, which led to the invention of Teflon—a non-stick coating widely used in cookware.

4. Teflon

After a project rejection, he created a circuit with a 10,000 ohm resistor that simulated the human heart, leading to the invention of the pacemaker—a life-saving device widely used for heart-related issues.

5. Pacemaker

Through his experiment with black paper and fluorescent salts, Becquerel unintentionally discovered radioactivity when the salts left distinct outlines on photographic paper without an energy source, based on the principles of Roentgen's method.

6. Radioactivity

Newton's theory of gravity originated when he observed an apple falling from a tree, leading him to conduct experiments and develop a comprehensive understanding of the attractive force present in all matter.

7. Newton and Gravity

While developing Velox photographic paper, Baekeland accidentally invented Bakelite, the first thermosetting plastic, by manipulating pressure and temperature on phenol and formaldehyde.

8. Bakelite

While working at a shipyard, he accidentally observed a spring "stepping" and recoiling, leading to the invention of the Slinky, a popular toy.

9. Slinky

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