Top Countries With Most Coffee Consumption

Brazil, the largest coffee-producing country, also leads the list of top coffee-consuming countries, with high export earnings and a sustained demand for coffee.

1. Brazil

The United States, the largest coffee consumer globally, has the potential to top the per capita consumption list in the future due to its coffee obsession and continued growth.

2.  United States of America

Canada's coffee industry, valued at over $6 billion, reflects the high demand and preference for coffee, making it the most consumed beverage in the country, surpassing tap water.

3. Canada

Japan's unique coffee culture stands out, with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on preparing the most aromatic cup of coffee in the world.

4. Japan

Australia's coffee culture, shaped by Italian immigrants, demands high-quality brews and prompted Starbucks to scale back its operations.

5. Australia

Coffee holds a significant presence in South Korea, making it a status symbol and securing its place among the top coffee-consuming countries worldwide.

6. South Korea

Algeria has a longstanding coffee tradition and is credited as the birthplace of iced coffee, known as mazagran.

7. Algeria

Switzerland's coffee culture, deeply ingrained for centuries, holds equal importance alongside its scenic beauty, banks, and chocolates.

8. Switzerland

Norway tops the per capita coffee consumption rankings, with approximately 10kgs of coffee consumed per person annually, far surpassing the global average.

9. Norway

Russia embraces coffee as a beloved beverage, particularly during its cold winters, with cappuccino being the most popular type consumed.

10. Russia