Top tips for Surviving Mom Guilt


What is mom guilt? 

In simple terms, mom guilt is a pervasive feeling of failure and worry that one is not doing enough as a parent, particularly in raising one's children.

Tip 1

Blame game

New moms tend to blame themselves for any perceived shortcomings in their role as a parent, leading to feelings of inefficiency.

Tip 2

Nothing is right

Mothers often doubt their ability to meet their child's needs and feel a pervasive sense of not doing things right or making decisions that may impact their child's future.

Tip 3

Working full-time

Working full-time is a common guilt-inducing decision for mothers, as they may feel inadequate when their time and energy are directed towards work rather than caring for their children.

Tip 4

Stay-at-home mom

Stay-at-home mom guilt can arise from the desire to have time away from children even while at home, as mom guilt is often rooted in conflicting expectations and contradictions.

Tip 5

Words of wisdom

Utilizing children's feedback can help identify areas of guilt that are justified versus unjustified, ultimately guiding mothers in achieving a balanced work-life dynamic.

Tip 6

Listen to your kids 

Activating mother's intuition involves listening to children, who can provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness of parental decisions.

Tip 7

Learn to relax

Taking time to relax and recharge is crucial in dealing with mom guilt, as it helps identify the causes of guilt and provides a much-needed break for mothers.

Tip 8

Seek support

Connecting with supportive individuals who validate your choices, such as through online support groups, can help combat feelings of mom guilt.

Tip 9

Seek support

Taking a break from parenting and socializing with colleagues or friends on a girls' night out is essential in combating mom guilt and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tip 10

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