Wild Chip Flavors from Around the World: 10 Must-Try Varieties

Blueberry, Kiwi - China

Lay's offers kiwi and blueberry-flavored chips in China, a unique twist on snacking that would have made our childhoods different.

Mushroom - Czech Republic

Czech-made mushroom potato chips and other unique flavors by Bohemia, like prosciutto and paprika.

German Bratwurst Sausage - England

An Odd German-Inspired Flavor from a British Snack Company

Chutney - South Africa

Chutney Chips with a Confusing Name from South African Snack Company

Vegemite - Australia

Love It or Hate It, Smith's Has Them.

Cinnamon Bun - Canada

Lay's Canada's Cinnamon Bun Chips: Delicious but No Aroma

Avocado & Cheese - Japan

Japan's Avocado and Cheese Chips by Doritos and Cheetos

Kebab and Onion - Poland

Thai Lay's Scallop Butter Garlic Chips: Wild or Wacky? Try it yourself!

Wasabi and Steak - Japan

Unconventional Wasabi Steak Doritos: The Official Snack of Royalty

Mint Mischief - India

Mischievous Mint: Lay's India's Zesty Lime and Jalapeno Chips