Words Depressed Individuals Use Frequently


Experts have shared common symptoms of depression that can be easily recognizable in oneself or loved ones, especially during Suicide Awareness Month and Suicide Prevention Month.


Depression causes absolutist language due to impaired frontal lobes, but recovery leads to more flexible thinking and solutions.

“Always” or “Never”.


Depressed people often use the word 'can't' and feel limited in their abilities.

“I Can’t”


Depression can cause individuals to constantly blame themselves, even for unpreventable events, due to impaired frontal lobe functioning and negative thinking patterns.

“It’s All My Fault”


The phrase "I'm fine" may be used to hide the pain of mental illness due to the stigma attached to it.

“I’m Fine“


Depressed individuals often experience constant exhaustion due to the inflammation caused by depression affecting neural pathways and neurochemicals.

“I’m tired”


Depressed people tend to isolate themselves and avoid stimulating experiences due to reduced brain activity, but social interaction and stimulating activities may be helpful for their recovery.

“I Want to be Alone”


Depressed people may experience tunnel vision and lack hope for the future due to impaired frontal lobes, leading to isolation and feeling uncared for.

“No One Cares“

Treatment for depression can include various approaches, including therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes, and it's essential to provide love, patience, and compassion to those who are suffering, while also finding time to nourish and support ourselves.

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