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7 Types of Siamese Cats by Body Structure and Color

Siamese cats, known for their striking features and charming personalities, come in various types, each with distinctive body structures and color patterns. Let's unravel the mysteries behind the seven types of Siamese cats.

1. Wedgehead

The classic wedge-shaped face defines the Wedgehead Siamese. Explore the unique characteristics that give this type its name and distinguish it from other Siamese varieties.

2. Apple Head

Discover the apple head Siamese, featuring a rounder face and stockier build. Learn about the origin of its name and the endearing qualities that set it apart in the Siamese cat family.

3. Classic

Explore the characteristics of the Classic Siamese, a harmonious blend of apple head and wedgehead features. Understand how this type maintains the essence of tradition while embracing a touch of modernity.

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4. Modern Siamese Cat

Delve into the diversity of colors exhibited by Siamese cats, focusing on the Modern Siamese variety. Uncover the mystery behind their initial white appearance and the kaleidoscope of hues they can develop.

5. Seal Point Siamese

Witness the stunning Seal Point Siamese, a canvas of colors ranging from dark to light. Understand the transformation from their birth as white kittens to the distinctive points that emerge as they mature.

6. Chocolate Point

Explore the Chocolate Point Siamese, known for its sweet and warm cocoa hues. Learn to distinguish these charming cats from other color variations, especially the often-confused seal points.

7. Lilac Point

Discover the ethereal beauty of the Lilac Point Siamese, the lightest color variant with a white body and pinkish-gray points. Unravel the subtle distinctions that set it apart from its close relative, the blue point.


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For Exclusive Webstories that sparks your curiosity .