I have learned much about fermenting foods since I started a few years ago. In fact, there are foods, you probably eat regularly, that I didn’t even know were fermented—like chocolate! Who knew? If you find yourself asking, “What foods can I ferment?” read on for a great discussion on the types of foods you … Read more

16 Fermented Foods for Back to School

Do you have kids going back to school right about now? This post is chock full of ideas for foods you can add to that lunchbox that will bring variety and added nutrition to your child’s day. Packing a lunchbox is one of my least favorite chores. Especially when the food is brought right back … Read more

Six Amazing Fermented Foods for the Lunchbox

We all love eating homemade fermented goodies. Why not pack them in your child’s school lunchbox? Let’s face it; the school cafeteria doesn’t always serve the healthiest options and the routine cold lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple gets boring. So, here is a list of fermented foods that are … Read more

DIY Fermented Ginger Soda Pop!

Last week we talked about how to make your very own Ginger Bug. If you are unsure of what a “Ginger Bug” is, or you missed this post go ahead and check out our article about How to Make a Ginger Bug – Fermenting Foundation for Soda Pop. Our Ginger Bug is bubbling actively now! It’s … Read more

What’s Wrong with My Kombucha?

If you are new to making kombucha you may have many questions. What does a healthy SCOBY look like? Does this taste right? Is that mold? If you need a little kombucha encouragement, read on. Michelle will help you to see that everyone struggles and struggles do not necessarily mean failure. When I was a teacher, … Read more

5 Ways to Introduce Fermented Foods to Kids

Every parent knows how hard it can be to change the eating habits of a child. Kids that are accustomed to eating processed foods will balk at mom’s or dad’s attempt to clean up the family diet. So if you want to introduce fermented foods to your kids, keep reading for tips and tricks from someone who … Read more

How to Make a Ginger Bug

There is nothing as tempting as a carbonated soda! When you pop open the top of the bottle or can, the sound of fizzing, the sight of carbon dioxide escaping in vapor form, the feel of bubbles on your tongue… there is just nothing like it. Soda has a reputation of being bad for your … Read more


If you are looking for ways to include more cultured foods in your diet, you may want to try milk kefir. Kefir is yogurt’s runnier, drinkable cousin, and is one of the simplest forms of cultured dairy to make at home. Kefir is made with two simple ingredients: milk and kefir grains. The grains seemed … Read more

Fermentation Gift Basket

I have folks in my family that always get a gift card for Christmas. I just never know what to buy them. This post came just in the nick of time. If you have that hard-to-buy-for person who would also love fermenting foods, keep reading for Heidi’s perfect solution, a Fermentation Gift Basket. It’s the … Read more

Fermented Lemonade

If you want to ditch artificial coloring, sweeteners, and other food additives from your diet, here is a great all-natural thirst quencher your entire family is sure to enjoy. ****************************** Fermented lemonade is a wonderfully refreshing beverage with the benefits of being fermented. This recipe uses water kefir as a base. Making water kefir is … Read more