15 Best Fermented Foods for Natural Detoxification In Winters

Best Fermented Foods

As the chilly winter months settle in, it’s essential to take care of our bodies and ensure our immune systems are strong. One fantastic way to do this is by incorporating fermented foods into our diets. These foods not only provide us with essential nutrients but also contribute to gut health and overall well-being. In … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Your Fermented Foods?

How Long Can You Leave Your Fermented Foods?

Fermented foods have been cherished across cultures for centuries, not just for their unique flavors but also for their potential health benefits. You might be wondering how long can you leave your fermented foods. Well, the process of fermentation involves the breakdown of organic substances by microorganisms, resulting in tangy, flavorful, and often nutritious edibles. … Read more

Sourdough English Muffins

Our family loves English muffins. We use them to make breakfast sandwiches (with our own free-ranged eggs) or for a treat with jam during afternoon tea. If you want to learn the skill of sourdough English muffins, Ashley gives step-by-step instructions in this post. Slow fermented sourdough English muffins are so easy to make, you’ll … Read more

Plain ‘Ole, Basic Sourdough Bread

While I appreciate fancy food on occasion, I don’t consider myself a foodie. Just give me plain ‘ol eating, and I’m happy. That’s what this recipe for sourdough bread is. Just plain and simple. Enjoy! ****************************** Fermentools’ recipe page is full of sourdough recipes. Check out: ******************************** Posted by Michelle In literary traditions, bread is … Read more

The Benefits of Sourdough

At Fermentools, we take our sourdough seriously. That is why we have posts on safe starters, how to make your own starter, and many recipes. This one will cover the benefits of eating sourdough bread. Store-bought conventional grains, soaked grains, sprouted grains, soured grains, or no grains–it seems like everyone has their own idea of how best … Read more

Cheesy Whole-Wheat Sourdough Bread

Nothing beats warm sourdough bread, fresh from the oven, with a slab of cheddar. So, imagine my delight to see Chris’ recipe here that combines the best of both worlds, warm bread and cheese. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Making sourdough bread is a slow-food process. While the instructions may … Read more

Delicious Kimchi Steamed Buns Recipe

I am all for not heating up the house in the summertime, eating fermented foods, and trying new recipes. And this recipe for Kimchi Steamed Buns has it all. Put it on your list to try, today. Looking for more ways to incorporate ferments into your cooking?  Why not experiment with these delicious Kimchi-Filled Steamed … Read more

How to Make Sourdough Naan

Have you ever tasted the samples at Costco? Most of the times, I have great resolve. But occasionally, I’m lured in to purchase something not on my list. Such was the case with the naan. After trying it, we were hooked. But, as Michelle brings out in this post, it was not the healthiest option. … Read more

How to Make Sourdough Starter

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Well, if you were ever going to do something yourself, making your own sourdough starter is the thing to try. Saving you money and headaches are just two of the reasons. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you single-handedly started your own colony of organisms whose sole purpose is to make … Read more

Whole Wheat Brownie Sourdough Bread

“Why waste calories on something that’s not chocolate” has always been my motto. A close second is warm bread, fresh from the oven. Well, this recipe does it all. What could be more delicious than sourdough bread combined with brownie. Read on and see if you don’t agree. Natural yeast produces wonderful slow-rise breads that … Read more