About Us

The Tools You Need to Ferment With Success

At Fermentools we understand that everyone is at a different place in their life and in their journey to health and culinary skill. Fermenting can be for anyone and everyone. We have a passion to provide the tools necessary for any novice home cook all the way to the restaurant chef to be able to fit fermenting into daily life. From our stainless steel lids, to our high quality canning gaskets, airlock systems, rubber gaskets and glass weights, each piece was specially designed and selected to prevent common fermenting mishaps and turn any wide-mouthed Mason Jar into the perfect fermenting vessel!

History of Fermentools

Fermentools was started in 2013 with a vision to create a product that could turn any mason jar into a fermenting vessel with a custom designed airlock system. The whole idea was to make an inexpensive, yet quality lid that would last a lifetime. The food grade stainless steel accomplished this perfectly. Quality soda lime glass weights are used to keep your ferments submerged under the brine solution. A simple, easy to clean, and easy to replace airlock system finishes the product.

Everything is made in the USA except the airlock, and it is made in Canada

Fermentation Equipment and Ingredients

Meant to keep the oxygen out and allow the carbon dioxide to escape creating the perfect environment for good bacteria to grow. They also keep pests, pets, and small children out of your ferment. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying then seeing little air bubbles escape out of the airlock! It's hard to have a bad fermenting experience with these airlocks. No burping necessary! You can truly just assemble your airlock and set your ferment aside with peace of mind.

Made from 304 surgical stainless steel, which is a corrosion-resistant lid with longevity these lids are made at a local shop and are meant to last a lifetime. They are specially designed to fit any wide-mouthed Mason Jar and go well with the standard metal Mason Jar lids.

Our glass fermentation weights are specifically created to fit into any wide-mason Mason Jar. We chose glass because it is non reactive with all ferments. Metal weights react with certain foods. Some people use cold water stones which can cause contamination if not sanitized properly. Others use cabbage leaves to weigh down their ferments, but these leaves can sometimes come above the brine and encourage mold growth. We believe our glass weights are awesome and easy! They also allow you to see your food bubble.

Our ancient Himalayan sea salt has over 80 trace minerals and is ground fine enough to easily mix with cold water.

We chose high quality canning rubber gaskets to hold our stainless steel lids in place on your Mason Jar. Secure and airtight!

Our rubber stoppers fit tightly into our metal lids and securely hold our airlocks into place.