Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Asparagus

Indulging in the delightful taste of pickled asparagus is a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the year, even beyond the short-lived asparagus season.  While preserving asparagus may seem tricky, especially since it is typically enjoyed fresh during its peak season, one preservation method stands out for its exceptional results: pickling. Preserving asparagus … Read more

Eating Seasonal Produce

Nothing tempts my taste buds more than a salad from freshly-picked greens and cucumbers straight from the vine. Or, a butternut squash loaded with butter, fresh from the oven. Reasons abound for eating seasonal produce. Read on for not just the why’s, but also how to give it an extra punch with fermentation. Do you … Read more

Fermented Dilly Beans for Lunchbox Treats

At Fermentools, we take our pickles seriously. Have you tried our recipe for Kosher Dill Pickle? Or maybe our Quick and Easy Garlic Ginger Pickle? No matter what the recipe, though, you will want to read Five Tips for Lacto-fermented Crunchy Pickles. And for the best in fermented goodness, keep reading for Ashley’s great fermented dilly beans. Dilly beans are one … Read more


I have learned much about fermenting foods since I started a few years ago. In fact, there are foods, you probably eat regularly, that I didn’t even know were fermented—like chocolate! Who knew? If you find yourself asking, “What foods can I ferment?” read on for a great discussion on the types of foods you … Read more

Healthy, Fermented Lunchbox Treats


Fermentools is serious about feeding families healthy food. Whether at home or away, you have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have something they like, and is good for them, at every meal—especially when at school. Take a look at these ideas and see if your kids won’t just love them. If your … Read more

Sourdough English Muffins

Our family loves English muffins. We use them to make breakfast sandwiches (with our own free-ranged eggs) or for a treat with jam during afternoon tea. If you want to learn the skill of sourdough English muffins, Ashley gives step-by-step instructions in this post. Slow fermented sourdough English muffins are so easy to make, you’ll … Read more

16 Fermented Foods for Back to School

Do you have kids going back to school right about now? This post is chock full of ideas for foods you can add to that lunchbox that will bring variety and added nutrition to your child’s day. Packing a lunchbox is one of my least favorite chores. Especially when the food is brought right back … Read more

Plain ‘Ole, Basic Sourdough Bread

While I appreciate fancy food on occasion, I don’t consider myself a foodie. Just give me plain ‘ol eating, and I’m happy. That’s what this recipe for sourdough bread is. Just plain and simple. Enjoy! ****************************** Fermentools’ recipe page is full of sourdough recipes. Check out: ******************************** Posted by Michelle In literary traditions, bread is … Read more

Fermented Spring Radishes

My son has a farm and sells his produce at the local farmers market. This past week was the first day of market and radishes and a few greens were about all anyone had. If you have radishes coming on, here’s a great idea of what to do with them. One of the first planted, … Read more

Warm Spicy Zucchini Pickles

Personally, I don’t think you can have too many pickles. Though dill pickles are my favorite, I can also appreciate a great bread and butter and a sweet baby gherkin. But pickles don’t have to be made only from cucumbers either. Zucchini makes great pickles. If you’ve had trouble making pickles from zucchini, Ashley has … Read more