Fermented Ginger Honey Tea

My boys love ginger honey tea. They make it frequently in the evening to drink while snuggling under a blanket watching a movie. They do not have to be sick. I think this fermented variety will also be a hit with them. Read on and see if you don’t agree. They say that fermentation was … Read more

The Health Benefits of Amazake

Amazake is, arguably, Japan’s original energy drink. It’s a warm, comforting, and nutritious fermented beverage made with rice and a starter called koji. The process of making this traditional drink is so simple that anyone can do this at home. If you’re a fan of kombucha, you will enjoy the flavor and the health benefits … Read more

How to Make Small Batch Wines and Meads

When I think of mead, I think of ancient peoples. I had no idea that it was trending right along with other home brewing. But Ashley is in the know and shows you here how to make your own small batch wines and meads. I was first introduced to home fermenting in college when friends … Read more

10 Ways to Use Extra SCOBYs

I needed this post. I have thrown out more SCOBYs than I care to count. Then, I end up begging the neighbor for fresh ones. In this post, Chris shares with you ways to use extra SCOBYs. I made a huge mistake in my “war on clutter.”  I threw my kombucha SCOBYs in the compost pail, right on top … Read more

How to Make Continuous Brew Kombucha

I was taught to make kombucha in large bowls. I know that others use pickle jars or half-gallon Mason jars, but the friend that taught me stressed to never use a jar. She was sort of a kombucha snob. But once you fill a large bowl with extra sweet tea, move it to a safe … Read more

Fermented Crabapple Cider

There is a shopping center near my home with several ornamental crabapple trees growing in the green spots around the parking lot. Every year, when I see them laden with fruit, I wonder if I could do something with those tiny, tart apples. Now, thanks to Ashley, I have a plan. Crabapple trees can be … Read more

Kefir Helps Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

If you haven’t tried kefir, now is the time to do it. Not only do you get the benefits of it being loaded with probiotics, here Andrew explains that kefir benefits fatty liver disease. In case you didn’t have enough reasons to drink the delightfully-effervescent yogurt-like drink that is better known as kefir, here is … Read more


As a newbie fermenter, I came across kahm yeast and promptly threw everything out. I wish I knew then what I know now. If you are wondering if your ferment is safe, read on as Colleen explains what it is and what it means. If you’ve done any fermenting, particularly with vegetables and fruits, you’ve probably … Read more