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The 8 best smartwatches with the most advanced health and fitness features in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartwatches, the year 2024 brings a heightened focus on health and fitness features. As consumers increasingly prioritize their well-being, smartwatch manufacturers are responding with innovations to meet these demands. Let's delve into the eight best smartwatches that stand out in 2024, offering advanced health and fitness features to cater to a wide range of user needs.

Apple Watch Series 8

At the forefront is the Apple Watch Series 8, continuing its legacy with advanced health features. ECG monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, and the ability to detect irregular heart rhythms make it a leader in comprehensive health tracking. For users prioritizing holistic well-being, the Apple Watch Series 8 remains a top choice.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 follows closely, boasting a myriad of health and fitness features. From sleep tracking to stress monitoring and advanced workout tracking, it provides a holistic approach to health management. The Galaxy Watch 5 stands out as a versatile companion for fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike.

Fitbit Sense 2

Building upon its predecessor's success, the Fitbit Sense 2 takes a step forward in health-centric features. Electrodermal activity (EDA) sensing for stress management, skin temperature tracking, and a comprehensive suite of fitness tools position it as a reliable choice for those looking for in-depth health insights.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

For fitness enthusiasts, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus excels with advanced metrics tailored for running, cycling, and golf. Its precision in fitness tracking makes it an ideal companion for those who prioritize detailed workout analytics. The Venu 2 Plus is a testament to Garmin's commitment to providing comprehensive fitness solutions.

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Huawei Watch GT 4

Combining style with health-centric features, the Huawei Watch GT 4 stands out with SpO2 monitoring, heart rate tracking, and advanced sleep analysis. Its elegant design coupled with robust health tracking capabilities makes it a fashionable yet functional accessory for health-conscious individuals.

Amazfit GTR 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 offers a comprehensive suite of health tracking features, including blood oxygen measurement, stress monitoring, and detailed sleep analysis. This smartwatch caters to users who seek a holistic understanding of their well-being, encapsulated in a sleek and stylish design.

Fossil Gen 6

For those who desire a blend of fashion and functionality, the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is an excellent choice. With built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, and sleep monitoring, it caters to users seeking a balance between style and health-conscious features. The Fossil Gen 6 proves that you don't have to compromise on aesthetics for advanced health tracking.

OnePlus Watch Pro

Closing our list is the OnePlus Watch Pro, featuring advanced health tracking capabilities, including blood oxygen monitoring and stress detection. OnePlus brings its commitment to innovation to the health and fitness domain, making the Watch Pro a noteworthy contender in the smartwatch market.


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