16 Fermented Foods for Back to School

Do you have kids going back to school right about now? This post is chock full of ideas for foods you can add to that lunchbox that will bring variety and added nutrition to your child’s day.

Packing a lunchbox is one of my least favorite chores. Especially when the food is brought right back home—warm and slimy. If that describes you (and your picky child), try a few things from this list of fermented foods for back to school and I guarantee they’ll eat up happily.

Finger Foods


Sandwich fillers:

Sometimes a sandwich just needs a touch of fermentation, to make it tasty. Try these condiments, breads, or fillers.

Sweet treats:

Nothing makes a child feel more special than finding a special treat in his lunchbox. Try these water kefir gummies and he will be asking for more.

Another tip:

Kids want to fit in with their peers. Sending a lunchbox with nothing but the unusual (Let’s face it, fermented foods are unusual.) could turn your child into an outcast. Introduce fermented foods to the lunchbox slowly, just like you did at home. And by all means, add some mainstream foods (ones he won’t be embarrassed to bring out in public) to the mix as well.

What do you add to your child’s lunchbox to not only please his palate but boost his nutritional intake? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.


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