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7 Things America Has That Canada Doesn’t: A Unique Comparison

America and Canada, two neighbors with a wealth of shared history, also boast distinct differences that contribute to their unique identities. In this exploration, we delve into seven aspects that set America apart, showcasing what it has that Canada doesn't.

Thanksgiving Timing

One of the notable differences lies in the timing of Thanksgiving celebrations. While both countries celebrate this day of gratitude, America observes it on the fourth Thursday in November, whereas Canada commemorates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. The timing difference adds a unique flavor to the holiday festivities in each nation.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams

A sports divide emerges when it comes to Major League Baseball. The U.S. boasts multiple MLB teams, each representing a city or region. In contrast, Canada doesn't have any MLB teams, creating a distinct absence of this particular sports culture in the Great White North.

American Football Dominance

American football takes center stage with the National Football League (NFL) reigning supreme in the U.S. With no Canadian teams in the NFL, Canada maintains its football passion through the Canadian Football League (CFL), providing a different football experience.

U.S. Government Structure

A significant divergence exists in the governmental structures of the two nations. The United States operates under a unique system with a President serving as both the head of state and government. Canada, on the other hand, follows a parliamentary democracy, showcasing a distinct approach to governance.

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Oscar Awards Host

The glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards, or Oscars, remain an American phenomenon. While Canada boasts its film industry and awards, the Oscars stand as a pinnacle event in American cinema, drawing global attention and acclaim.

Dollar Bill Design

Even the currency reflects the differences between the two countries. The design of the U.S. dollar bill features various historical figures, embodying the nation's rich history. In contrast, Canadian bills often showcase images of notable Canadians and the breathtaking landscapes that define the country.

Popular Fast Food Chains

The culinary landscape differs significantly, especially in the realm of fast food. Some beloved American fast-food chains, such as In-N-Out Burger, Chick-fil-A, and Sonic Drive-In, have yet to make their mark in Canada. This absence shapes a unique dining experience in each country.

In conclusion, these seven distinctions between America and Canada illustrate the richness of diversity between the two nations. While they share geographical proximity and historical ties, each country maintains its unique identity, contributing to a tapestry of cultural differences that make North America a fascinating mosaic.


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