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8 Plants and Trees That Attract Cardinals

Cardinals, with their vibrant red plumage, are a sight to behold in any garden. To invite these charming birds into your outdoor space, consider planting specific flora that captures their interest. Let's explore eight plants and trees that act as magnets for cardinals, creating a haven for both the birds and the nature enthusiasts who admire them.


In the avian world, sunflowers stand as beacons of attraction, drawing cardinals with their copious amounts of nectar, seeds, and insects. These vibrant blooms not only add a splash of color to your garden but also provide a buffet that cardinals find irresistible.

Elderberry's Allure

The elderberry plant, adorned with dark purple berries and delicate white blossoms, is a favorite among pollinators. Cardinals are no exception, as they flock to the abundant nectar on the flowers, indulging in the natural sweetness that elderberries offer.

Serviceberry's Nutrient-Rich Bounty

As a small deciduous tree or shrub, the serviceberry boasts dark purple fruit in the summer and white flowers in the spring. Cardinals and other birds find nutritional value in the tart-tasting berries, making the serviceberry a welcomed addition to any cardinal-friendly landscape.

Red Mulberry

The red mulberry tree, with its tart and delicious berries, becomes a cardinal hotspot during the fruiting season. These deciduous trees offer a sweet flavor that cardinals find irresistible, creating a natural gathering place for these magnificent birds.

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Holly: Evergreen Charm

The American Holly, an evergreen tree indigenous to the eastern and southeast regions, captures the attention of cardinals with its dense growth habit and glossy, dark green leaves. A year-round attraction, the holly provides both shelter and visual appeal to these vibrant birds.

Birch's Silver Appeal

The Birch genus, with its deciduous trees distinguished by white or silver-hued bark, becomes an elegant attraction for cardinals. The unique visual features of birch trees make them not only aesthetically pleasing but also alluring to these feathered visitors.

Common Juniper

Native to various continents, the common juniper, an evergreen shrub or tree, stands tall at ten feet, capturing the interest of cardinals. The adaptability of the common juniper makes it a species particularly attractive to these striking birds.

Crabapple's Sweet Temptation

Deciduous and adorned with tiny, delicious fruits, crabapple trees are a sweet temptation for cardinals and other birds. The high sugar content in crabapples ensures a steady stream of visitors, turning these trees into delightful cardinal magnets.


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