Apple Onion Sauerkraut in a Jar Recipe

My boys love fried apples and onions. I don’t know where they got the notion to eat them, probably some book. But Apple-Onion Sauerkraut–now there’s a kraut those boys would love. Try this easy sauerkraut in a jar recipe and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Sauerkraut is one of the hallmarks of fermented food, frequently being hailed as a valuable traditional dish with many health benefits. It’s rich in iron, fiber, vitamins C and K, and, of course, a plentiful serving of good bacteria to give your gut a needed health boost. It’s also been known as a folk remedy for several ailments, including cancer and ulcers.

Traditionally fermented sauerkraut has a satisfying tang and depth of flavor that is strangely addicting, even for former kraut haters like me. Imagine then, the joy of discovering new flavors mixed with good ol’ cabbage! I was feeling a need for a celebratory mix of apples and onions in my sauerkraut when I created this recipe for apple onion sauerkraut.

To Make Your Own Apple-Onion Sauerkraut

An Easy Sauerkraut in a Jar Recipe


• 1 medium head of cabbage (approximately)

• 2 medium apples

• 1 medium onion

• 1 Tbsp Himalayan salt

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1.  Finely chop cabbage, apples, and onion and mix together with the salt in a large bowl. Massage vigorously with clean hands for several minutes. This will release moisture from the fruit and vegetables and the ingredients will begin to create their own brine.

2.  Pack all ingredients tightly into a clean, wide-mouth quart jar. Check to see if the vegetables are entirely covered by the brine. If they are, you’re ready to move on. If not, add some filtered, clean water to completely submerge the mixture. Be sure to leave 1-2” of head space in the jar to allow for the release of carbon dioxide during fermentation.

3.  Place a glass weight on top of the kraut mixture to ensure that it stays below the brine and isn’t exposed to oxygen during the process. Install an airlock system on top of the jar.

4.  Allow the kraut to ferment at room temperature for three to four weeks. Do a taste test once a week or so to check on its progress, as your individual environmental factors may change the fermentation time.

Apple Onion Sauerkraut--An Easy Sauerkraut in a Jar Recipe |

5.  After the ferment has progressed to your liking, remove the airlock, replace with a regular lid, and move to cold storage.

The strength of the onions mixed with the sweetness of the apples creates a nice complement to a savory meal. We enjoyed this recipe atop baked garlic pork chops and it was delightful! It would also make a tasty side dish.

Note: Be sure to only gently warm the kraut when serving, or eat it at room temperature. If you thoroughly heat it, you will destroy all the good bacteria you just took a month to grow. Enjoy!


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