Fermented Lemons and Mint

Lemons, you ask? Can you really ferment a citrus fruit? And with all that salt, will it taste ok? The ...
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How to Make Whole Brined Pears

Whole brined pears are spicy, crisp, and delicious! They make the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Or keep a few ...
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Fermenting with Pumpkin

Folks go crazy in the fall for pumpkin spice. Everything from lattes to candles to Twinkies are flavored or scented ...
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Lacto-Fermented Pumpkin Pie

It never occured to me that there was pumpkin pie before evaporated milk. And yet, Ashley ponders this fact and ...
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Orange Spiced Fermented Blueberries! You are going to LOVE this recipe for Orange Spiced Fermented Blueberries. Smash them up into a jam, and ...
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