5 Tips for Crunchy Pickles

Confession: My family asked me to stop trying to make pickles because they always turn out mushy. I needed this ...
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homemade kimchi

A Homemade Kimchi Recipe Round-Up

When most people think of fermented foods they often think of sauerkraut. But there is another fermented cabbage dish that ...
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is kimchi good for you

Is Kimchi Good for You?

Kimchi is a Korean staple made from fermented napa cabbage, daikon radishes, garlic, salt, and delicious spices. It’s often used ...
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How to Make Fermented Tomato Sauce

Fermented tomato sauce is a sneaky-good way to get your kids to eat fermented foods, and an awesome way to ...
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Fermented Homemade Ginger Ale

If you, like me, want to avoid high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, and an excess of phosphoric acid, give ...
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fermented garlic scapes

Lacto-Fermented Garlic Scapes

Posted by Andrea Fermented garlic scapes might be something you've never heard talked about because, well, you've never heard of ...
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How to Make Ginger Bug

A ginger bug is a starter culture for fermented fizzy beverages. You can use it to make flavored sodas right ...
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brussels sprouts kimchi

Fermented Brussels Sprouts Kimchi

Posted by Ashley It’s hard to imagine a fermented food loved so much as to have its own museum, but ...
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How to Make Curtido | Fermentools

Curtido: Kimchi’s Central American Cousin

Like coleslaw? Let's take it up a notch and ferment it. Better yet, add some heat, and you have Curtido, ...
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How to Make Kombucha

Kombucha is a staple in our home. We drink it plain, we drink it flavored. No matter how you like ...
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