Fermentation Gift Basket

I have folks in my family that always get a gift card for Christmas. I just never know what to buy them. This post came just in the nick of time. If you have that hard-to-buy-for person who would also love fermenting foods, keep reading for Heidi’s perfect solution, a Fermentation Gift Basket.

It’s the season for giving gifts. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for someone. Do you have a health-conscious friend? Do you know a family member who wants to improve their health? Are you excited to share fermentation information and skills with someone near you? Do you know someone who is learning about traditional ways and would appreciate a little boost into the world of fermentation? Well, here is a great idea!

How about a Fermentation Gift Basket?

I gave several of my friends and family a fermentation gift basket last year! Those baskets were a hit with my folks, and I felt great about gifting a useful and pretty present with their health in mind! Keep reading for some things to consider when putting your gift basket together.

What to Put into A Fermentation Gift Basket

1) Information

First of all, start with information. Where are your friends their fermentation journey? You’ll want to adjust the kinds of information you share based on whether they are true beginners or have some experience. A great book to include is The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz. It is thorough and, most likely, the best choice for the person with a little fermentation experience. The Idiots Guide to Fermenting Foods by Wardeh Harmon is a great choice for beginners. There are many others in between. I included the book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon in my gift groupings last year. Fallon is an expert on traditional foods and how to prepare them for maximum health benefits.

2) Tools and Accessories

Second, think about tools. Would your friend like an actual fermentation kit? Well, the Fermentools Starter Kit is perfect! It’s got everything one needs to turn a Mason jar into a fermentation crock, and at a very manageable size, too! It includes an amazingly finely-ground Himalayan salt jam-packed with minerals and a very high-quality glass weight. (In fact, it’s the best weight I use.) It also includes an airlock with a surgical stainless steel lid that includes a grommet to protect the metal. It’s truly the best fermentation starter kit I’ve seen!

3) Extras

Third, consider other things you might want to add. I included a head of Napa cabbage in the gift basket pictured. Isn’t that a great way to present a gift all ready to get going on a journey into fermentation?

4) Packaging

Finally, think about your packaging. How large a basket do you need? What kind of padding would you like to include? It can be functional or pretty or both. In the gift basket pictured, I used yarn I had left over from a previous project. I know my friend will love to use the yarn for her own project. Be creative! There is so much you can do with this part of the gift!

Some Final Thoughts about a Fermentation Holiday Gift Basket

You know what? I would love to receive something like this as a holiday gift (or anytime, for that matter). It’s thoughtful, practical, useful, informative, and you can also make it as beautiful as your creativity allows!

I hope this gives you some ideas for a great way to give the gift of fermentation this holiday season!


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Heidi Villegas is a writer at Healing Harvest Homestead and loves sharing her experiments with the world. She passionately studies herbalism and traditional skills, using her pioneer ancestry as a foundation. Heidi loves her animals, gardens, and making things herself. She became interested in fermentation after experimenting with making her own fermented foods and realizing the health power they have! Heidi lives off-grid with her husband, horses, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cats, and dogs on a small homestead in the Mojave Desert.

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