FermUp A Podcast Review

Are you a podcast listener? And a fermenter? If so, FermUp is something you don’t want to miss. With over 100 episodes that cover all things fermentation, you will want to add FermUp to your daily playlist.

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information, especially when you want a casual way to learn while you are busy doing something else. I work out of my car f4-5 hours each day, so it’s especially nice to multi-task and learn new, healthy food ideas while driving around.

If you can’t stop discovering new material related to the world of fermentation, I highly suggest you take a look at the FermUp podcast hosted by Branden Byers. I recently discovered his genuinely enthusiastic personality and passion for experimenting with new fermentation creations. He boasts on his desire to learn historical facts and scientific knowledge during the actual waiting stage of fermentation. For him, it’s all about taste and fun.

The FermUp – Fermented Food podcast was recorded live from December 2012 through November 2015. It currently contains 101 episodes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour in length. Branden hosts conversations with different co-hosts on literally anything and everything in regards to fermentation. Topics range from DIY recipe creations on sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, raw cheeses, and yogurt, to science discussions on health benefits, contamination, botulism, microbes, placentas and more. He also interviews various professionals, researchers and fermentation enthusiasts, including cookbook authors, small business owners, a Harvard microbiologist and a man who only consumes fermented foods. There’s quite a wide variety of information to explore.

Here’s a list of actual podcast titles you might enjoy:

  • Ancient Kefir Cheese
  • Bacteriocins Ain’t Boring
  • The Botulism Boogeyman and Other Fermented Fears
  • Chocolate Harvest and Fermentation
  • Human Cheese
  • Industrialized Fermentation Parts I & II
  • Kimchi and Probiotic Coffee
  • Microbiologist Benjamin Wolfe Talks Cheese Rinds

I personally admire Branden’s genuine passion for learning in general. His podcast is casual and upbeat, while packed with new information and discussions on all things fermented.

According to a fall 2016 social media update, there may even be more podcast episodes to come. The FermUp podcast has been so successful in terms of listeners, which has helped Branden publish a hard copy book titled, The Everyday Fermentation Handbook: A Real-Life Guide to Fermenting Food–Without Losing Your Mind or Your Microbes, and therefore, create an overall business. It’s been stated that the delay of new episodes has been related to a long distance headquarters move to Seattle, Washington. So, we may be in luck to learn more from him in the future. Regardless, there is still plenty of information for you to tune into right now and expand your knowledge on fermentation.

You can download all the episodes for free on iTunes or listen directly on the FermUp website.


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