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Five Sneaky Ways to Serve Sauerkraut

Five Sneaky Ways to Serve Sauerkraut

If you have kids, you understand how difficult it is to get them to try new foods. I have been round and round with picky eaters, trying everything under the sun to encourage them to develop healthy eating habits. If you are nodding your head, read on for five incredible tips to get those picky eaters to eat sauerkraut.

I’ve read time and again from many home fermenters; sauerkraut is one of the best ferments you can make. I agree. It’s simple, timeless, inexpensive, and extremely versatile. It also is starting to prove itself as a king of probiotics; multiple studies have shown that sauerkraut contains not millions or billions of probiotics, but trillions. In one test, 2 ounces of sauerkraut contained 10 trillion live bacteria—more than an entire bottle of typical probiotic pills! In other words, a tiny bit of kraut goes a very long way.

I happen to love kraut and can eat it plain, so the ease and goodness of kraut is an easy sell for me. However, not everyone is an instant kraut-lover. Many people turn up their noses. Is it the sour taste? The texture? The smell? Is it a preconceived notion about sauerkraut itself—a relic best left in the past? All of those reasons only make me love Kraut even more! Though heavenly to me, I know that this simple and timeless source of healthy probiotics doesn’t go down well with everyone.

With time, some skeptics start to truly enjoy the flavor. My middle son used to balk at the sight of kraut, but his tastes have begun to acclimate to the pleasant sour taste of ferments. I never force the kids to taste, only offer. I strive to implement a sense of adventure in them when it comes to food, and the kids are accustomed to trying new things. Placing fermented snacks at the table along with our meals was not a shock to them, but getting them to consider ferments ‘normal’ took a little time. At first, I could only get them to taste Kohlrabi sticks, but now my older boys are eating kraut with very little hesitation. Our favorite way to consume it is plain, like salsa, with organic tortilla chips.

But what about those who don’t like kraut, and are not interested in learning to like it? That would describe my youngest son. At 6 years old, he has a somewhat limited taste palate even with my enthusiastic persuasion to try new things. Sitting down to a bowl of kraut and chips doesn’t work for him. He may not like to eat it plain (give it time!) but he has eaten kraut without even realizing it.

Though I have always been a bit leery about the whole ‘sneaking veggies into food’ idea, what can I say? It works. Here are five sneaky ways to serve sauerkraut—that phenomenal probiotics powerhouse–into your family meals without ONE person knowing.

Best Way to Serve Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut, a versatile and tangy delight, doesn’t have to be limited to a side dish or hot dog topping. In this article, we unveil five sneaky and inventive ways to incorporate sauerkraut into your meals. From unexpected flavor twists to surprising health benefits, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to enjoy this fermented cabbage in your dishes.

Tuna salad

Tuna salad

Enhancing your favorite recipe is as simple as adding ¼ cup or even more of sauerkraut. It’s a small twist that can elevate the flavors of your dish. In particular, tuna salad is a versatile canvas for hidden ingredients, and I’m fortunate that my family enjoys it. When making tuna salad, look for a tuna variety without soy additives – I personally source mine from Costco for quality assurance.

By incorporating sauerkraut into your tuna salad, you introduce a burst of tangy goodness, creating a fusion of flavors that will surprise and delight your taste buds. It’s a secret ingredient that not only boosts taste but also offers potential health benefits. So, next time you prepare your favorite tuna salad, remember to reach for that jar of sauerkraut and discover the delectable difference it can make.



If you’ve been wondering what to do with that jar of sauerkraut tucked in your fridge, we’ve got a delightful surprise for you. It’s time to think beyond sauerkraut as a meal accompaniment. Try this unique recipe: Take 2 cups of fresh leafy greens, a ripe banana, a splash of water, a generous spoonful of sauerkraut, and a handful of ice cubes. Blend these ingredients together until you have a smooth, vibrant green smoothie. Pour it into a mason jar, and here’s the magic – the sauerkraut imparts a subtle tangy zing that surprisingly complements the mix. Sip on this creation and prepare to be pleasantly amazed. Your taste buds will thank you later!

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Your classic tuna salad is already renowned for its tangy profile and texture that’s not too far from sauerkraut’s crunchiness. Now, here’s the secret to taking it to the next level: simply stir a portion of sauerkraut into the mix. The beauty of this combination is that sauerkraut seamlessly blends with the existing flavors and textures.

As you incorporate the sauerkraut, you’ll find it effortlessly mingles with the tanginess of the salad, adding an extra layer of complexity to the taste. Moreover, it contributes to that desirable crunch, making each bite more exciting. This small tweak elevates your tuna salad into a delightful fusion of flavors and textures, and it’s a clever way to introduce sauerkraut’s unique benefits to your meal. Enjoy the delicious transformation!



Planning a sandwich night for the family is always a crowd-pleaser. To make it even more exciting, set up small bowls with everyone’s favorite condiments like ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Here’s the twist – add a teaspoon of sauerkraut brine to each condiment bowl.

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This sneaky addition infuses the condiments with the delicious tangy essence of sauerkraut without drawing attention to itself. As your family customizes their sandwiches with their preferred condiments, they’ll experience a subtle burst of flavor that blends seamlessly with the classic sandwich ingredients.

The beauty of this trick lies in the fact that the sauerkraut juice enhances the overall taste without being overtly noticed. It’s a fun and innovative way to introduce sauerkraut’s unique essence to your family’s favorite sandwiches, leaving everyone pleasantly surprised with the upgraded flavors. Enjoy your sandwich night with this delightful twist!



If the idea of enjoying sauerkraut with chips doesn’t quite appeal to you, here’s a creative alternative. Whip up a homemade blender salsa that suits your taste preferences, and here’s the secret twist – incorporate a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut, or even more, into the mixture.

This ingenious addition adds a unique depth of flavor to your salsa while providing the extra benefit of probiotics from the sauerkraut. The blending process ensures that the sauerkraut blends seamlessly with the other salsa ingredients, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. What’s brilliant is that the sauerkraut’s tanginess becomes a hidden gem in the salsa, making it a sneaky yet delicious way to enjoy this fermented delight.

So, if you’re seeking a fresh approach to elevate your snacking experience, try blending sauerkraut into your salsa, and savor the intriguing twist it brings to your chips and dip routine.

To keep the good guys alive, it’s best to not heat kraut over 120 degrees. So while kraut lovers will put it on everything, hot or cold, I try to focus on cold or just warm food. Just a little bit will do; you’ll probably find all kinds of ways to sneak a bit of kraut into your meals!

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Simple Tips to Add Sauekraut to Your Diet

Simple Tips to Add Sauekraut to Your Diet

Simplicity is the key when it comes to enjoying sauerkraut. You don’t need complex recipes; you can start by savoring them straight from the jar. Add a forkful to your salad or place a small portion on your dinner plate. Remember, even a single forkful of sauerkraut is packed with beneficial bacteria that can bring noticeable improvements to your digestion and overall health.

Take it slow, especially if it’s your first time trying sauerkraut. Begin with a small forkful to introduce these beneficial probiotics gently into your gut.

If you find sauerkraut a bit too salty for your liking, a quick rinse just before eating can help reduce the saltiness while retaining some of the beneficial bacteria.

Don’t forget to save the brine at the bottom of the jar. It’s a treasure trove of probiotics. You can either drink it directly for its health benefits, use it as a substitute for vinegar in salad dressings, or add it to another finished ferment in your fridge.

When enjoying naturally fermented sauerkraut, avoid heating it to preserve its valuable enzymes and probiotics. While you can stir sauerkraut into a warm bowl of soup or sprinkle it on your meal, don’t cook it to maintain its benefits.

And if you love dishes like sausage and sauerkraut, don’t worry. You can still enjoy them. Just pair them with raw sauerkraut to get the best of both worlds – the cooked dish you love and the probiotic-rich goodness of sauerkraut.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sauerkraut can be your secret ingredient to add a burst of flavor and nutrition to various dishes. Whether you’re looking to surprise your taste buds or enhance your meals with probiotic goodness, these sneaky serving ideas can elevate your culinary experiences. If you have more questions about sauerkraut or its versatile uses, refer to the FAQs below.


1. Is sauerkraut only suitable as a condiment?

Not at all! Sauerkraut is incredibly versatile. You can use it as a flavorful ingredient in salads, sandwiches, and wraps, or even as a topping for various dishes to add a unique tangy twist.

2. Are there any nutritional benefits to sneaky sauerkraut servings?

Yes, indeed! Sauerkraut is rich in probiotics, which promote gut health, and it’s a source of vitamins and minerals. Sneaky sauerkraut creations can offer both flavor and nutrition.

3. Can sauerkraut be incorporated into vegetarian or vegan dishes?

Absolutely! Sauerkraut is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly ingredient that can enhance the flavor of plant-based dishes. It pairs well with vegetables, grains, and legumes.

4. Are there any creative sauerkraut recipes for kids?

Yes, kids can enjoy sauerkraut too! Consider adding sauerkraut to homemade pizza, wraps, or sandwiches with their favorite ingredients. Sneaky sauerkraut can be a fun way to introduce them to new flavors.

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