"My daughter had no trouble following the instructions. The steps were clearly described. Also, there were some great tips for beginners like how much space to leave between the food and the lid, how the ferment should smell, and what is not normal.

"Ok so the raw, naked truth is you don’t have to use Fermentools for fermentation. But I gotta be completely honest and upfront here, I will probably never ferment without them again! Why? Because they make it so darn EASY! And I’ve got 4 young kids, we homeschool and I run this blog, I do NOT have time to waste on spoiled garments because a wild yeast gets in there and messes up the whole batch and that’s exactly what this kit prevents.

One reason I love this new system is I can literally pack the jars, put on the lids and just let them sit! Its so simple and works AMAZING! I have made something like 4 gallons of fermented foods in the past month using these with a total work time of maybe an hour!"

- Our Inconvenient Family



"So if you have ever wanted to try making your own fermented foods, you might want to give this starter kit a try! There are so many types of recipes on the blog, and I see some pickles and perhaps some sourdough bread in my future, for sure!"

- KGB That's Me

fermenting celery

"The quality of everything that arrived in our kit was excellent. All of the components seem very sturdy and should last for years to come. Additionally, the starter kit is very inexpensive and a great way to start learning. When learning a new skill I don’t like to spend a lot until I am sure that it will work for me. So, if you are anything like me, the starter kit would be perfect for you.

Fermentools has everything you could ever want to learn regarding fermenting available on their website."


- NAArh R.

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"It worked! When I opened the jar, I immediately smelled pickle juice and I was really excited. And my homemade pickles are good! I think I might have added a bit too much garlic because I can really taste it but they are surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I was kind of doubting myself... Oh, what to ferment next - there are so many possibilities! I really appreciate that all of Fermentools products are made and sourced in the USA! Everything in my kit is high quality...This kit could not make fermenting any easier. It's super friendly to use and I would highly recommend it."

- Kathryn C.

"Oh My! This was wonderful and something I plan on doing often. It was delicious and so much flavor!...This would make a great gift. You have Mother’s Day coming up. I know I needed a physical product in front of me to take that leap into fermenting and I’m so glad I did."

- Renee K.

* Click the link below to read how Renee used our starter kit as a history and science lesson with her children!

"My husband and a few of my kids really like pickled okra, so I decided to try some fermented okra...He loved it! He said it tasted fresh, not pickled, but that it was very good and crunchy. Next time, I'll try to add some more herbs to give it more flavor...The Fermentools Starter Kit is a great way to begin fermenting. It includes everything you need, except for a wide mouth mason jar and a ring. There are so many things you can ferment -  from fruits and vegetables to drinks. Their website has many recipes and ideas."

- Megan R.

"Our family absolutely loved working with Fermentools! ... The Ginger Bug (which we used to make Ginger Ale), and Pinepple Tepache. We first made the Ginger Bug and after a week of feeding it daily, we were able to make three ½ gallons of Ginger Ale...I loved how with the Fermentools starter kit I didn’t have to constantly check my jar to see if there were bugs and mold living in my jars as the tool kept the bad out and the good in."

- Rebekah R.

"I found using the Fermentools system simple and easy to use... It's something I will definitely be using the Fermentools kit to use many times in the future. My husband has already hinted that we should go ahead and invest in the 6 pack kit that the company offers so that we can have multiple ferments going at the same time, rather than being restricted to just the one. The possibilities of what to do with the kit is endless, from fermented hot sauces and flavored vinegar to holiday meads and other beverages and all things in between."


- Brenda P.

3 Reasons Fermentation is Fun

"As a Registered Dietitian, I know that probiotics are a healthy addition to your diet... And all of us learned, including my husband, who’s been cooking for 40 years...And the first thing he said when I asked him what he learned was, “How easy it was.” For example, the process uses very simple ingredients. All that is needed is distilled or spring (non-cholorinated) water, salt, seasoning (which you can choose based on your preference), and the chosen food itself...Everything you need to ferment a food is included in the Fermentools Starter Kit. All you need is a large-mouthed jar and the food/water/herb combination."

- Debbie H. Registered Dietician

3 Reasons Fermentation is Fun


3 Reasons Fermentation is Fun

"I don’t have much experience with fermented foods, but I’ve read that they’re very good for you (due to all the probiotics produced during the fermentation process). So I was curious about the idea of using the Starter Kit from Fermentools to give fermenting a try... The salt is super finely ground so that it will dissolve in cold’s [the salt instructions] more user-friendly for an average home cook."

-Wendy R.

Fermenting Food (Fermentools review)



"The benefit of the airlock system is that it allows air to escape instead of having to manually “burp” the brew to letting gases escape. This kit was ideal for beginners like myself who would be otherwise clueless on how to let the gases escape...After a week passed, I opened my big jar and tried a pickle. To my surprise, it had a crunch to it..."

- Alexander K.

fermented Israeli Salad

"Have you heard more and more about how good fermented foods are for you but are a bit timid about getting started? Me, too! Fermentools is a company that really simplifies what is needed to get started and has kits available that get you going right away...This system makes fermenting small amounts of food easy."

- Lori H.

Fermentools for Easy Fermenting ~ a Crew review

sauerkraut made easily with the Fermentools Starter Kit


"...I didn't know much about fermented foods other than my grandma used to make sauerkraut and my dad loved it...My mom is the only one in the house that likes sauerkraut so she was brave and gave it a try. Guess what IT WORKED she reported that it taste just like the sauerkraut that her grandma used to make...Fermentools is great for both new and experienced fermenters. They have lots of great information on the web site and a variety of fermenting kits."

- Julie C.

"We received the Starter Kit and thought the craftsmanship was wonderful. This looked like a very nice kit that will last a good long time. I was very happy with the products and excited to start the fermentation process...The pluses of having this kit verses not were numerous. I did not have to have a large crock to ferment with. I did not have to take the time to 'burp' the jars every day myself so that they wouldn't explode. I also did not have to worry about mold because of air getting in. I was also thankful that the Starter Kit from Fermentools was so easy to use"

- Crystal A.


"I am impressed by the quality of this kit!... At first, being a newbie, it was a bit intimidating. I read the instructions and it seemed so easy that I thought I was missing something... I recommend them to everyone."

- Amy D.



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"This was sooo easy to make following the directions and I'm pretty excited to make my first probiotic soda..My fridge is getting full of probiotics!..You can turn any wide mouth jar into a fermenting station."

- Kemmi Q.

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. . . A few weeks ago I teased you all with what I was brewing in my kitchen. I said it was good for you and tasted good. Well now I can tell you all about @Fermentools and their Fermenting Starter Kit. . . Fermentools is a family run company that wants to make fermenting easy to do at home. They sell a simple fermenting kit that allows you to use your regular wide mouth mason jars to ferment all kinds of things. We were recently sent a Starter Kit via the Homeschool Review Crew to test out for y'all. . . While it's pretty popular to make saurkraut or pickles when first fermenting I chose to use my Fermentools fermentation kit to make a Ginger Bug. In fact I’ve actually made two! . . What is a Ginger Bug you say? It’s a probiotic rich fermented drink base made from ginger. From this base you can then make things like probiotic ginger beer, probiotic rootbeer, or any other flavor. I'll put a link to the recipe in my bio to some fermentools recipes. . . Why do you want a Ginger Bug? With a Ginger Bug you can make all kinds of probiotic drinks which are so good for your digestion and health in general. And it's pretty yummy. Your drinks will be fizzy too like soda pop but better for you. Win win! . . Using the Fermentools Starter Kit I made my Ginger Bug (and snuck a few sips by adding it to my tea) and am just now waiting for my bottles so I can bottle it. . . (Continues in comments...)

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"The Fermentools Starter Kit ( ) was an easy way to get started.
Fermenting took only the food, a wide mouth mason jar and the starter kit. It was easy and fun!"

- Alexis B.



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"It's amazing to realize you can create this in your own home, knowing every ingredient you put into it and having peace of mind in doing so for your own family...The airlock system makes this process easy and I will definitely be trying corn soon! This starter kit allowed me to ferment one product at a time, so I will be looking into purchasing one of their larger kits in the future so I can do more than one jar at a time"

- Karen M.

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review....

Posted by Karen Silvers McLain on Thursday, May 7, 2020

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"I highly recommend you try fermenting your foods. I encourage you to visit the Fermentools website, poke around and see what fermenting adventure you will go on."

- Linda B.

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review....

Posted by Homeschooling6, Books, and Coffee on Thursday, May 7, 2020

"I am honestly surprised by how good the sauerkraut was, and how quickly it disappeared...This was the first time I had made sauerkraut, but it will not be the last. It was so much better than anything I have ever purchased at the store."

- Teresa B.

Fermentools Starter Kit {Review}

"I jumped at the chance to try out this starter kit from Fermentools! It came with instructions on making homemade sauerkraut, which was easy enough that my 10-year-old son can do it entirely on his own. And when it finally came time to taste the finished product? The kids LOVED it! ... I never would have guessed it would be this easy"

- Rosie H.


"Fermentools understands everyone is at a different place regarding health as well as culinary skills. But the company also recognizes that fermenting can be for everyone. They have a desire to provide tools from the novice to the restaurant chef to be able to fit fermenting into their everyday life."

- Patti P.

Starter Kit from Fermentools – A Review

Making Fermented Sauerkraut


"The Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started, and each item is made of quality materials that should last a long time.You may even find that this is something that you could hand down through the family."

"I really enjoyed using this product as it is made of high quality materials. The glass weight that comes with the fermenting tools perfect fit the wide mouth mason jars. This is very easy to use."

“The Starter Kit is really great! It is simple to use, and seems to be a much more safe way to ferment foods. It seems that if the fermentation process goes wrong, you can actually create Botulism. This was a scarey thought to me, so I was really glad to see how well made the kit items are. I am really looking forward to the fall when we can try even more recipes.”

- Christine H.

Learn to Preserve Your Garden Produce With Fermentools (Review)

enjoying the pineapple drink



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"This air-lock fermenting system was so easy to use."

- Danielle P.

Simple Fermenting In Your Homeschool