How to Ferment Garlic

Garlic has a plethora of health benefits. But when you consider the probiotics created during the fermentation process, fermented garlic is the powerhouse of foods. Read on to see how easy it is to ferment garlic for yourself, at home.

Fermented garlic is not as spicy as its raw counterpart. Its impressive taste is simple and delicate. Also, fermented garlic is much easier on the tummy than raw.

According to a clinical trial in Japan, fermented garlic may help with lowering blood cholesterol and promote overall heart health. Some people eat fermented garlic when they have a cold.

How to Ferment Garlic


• Pint-sized Mason jar

• A set of Fermentools  or another fermentation vessel

• Wooden spoon for stirring.

• Toothpicks for tasting. Metal negatively reacts with the ferment.


• 2-3 heads of organic garlic
• 3% brine using Himalayan Salt
• Filtered Water

An Easy-Peasy Fermented Garlic Recipe


1. Peel garlic, and leave whole.
2. Add garlic to Mason jar or another fermenting vessel, packing tightly and add glass weight.
3. Pour in a 3% brine just until garlic is covered.
4. Secure Fermentools on the jar.
5. Ferment for up to 3 months.
6. Refrigerate when fermenting is complete.

Since this is a long ferment, I like to start a new batch when the first batch is about two months old.

Note: Garlic may turn a blue or green color. This is all normal and the garlic is still edible. Compounds found in garlic that contain sulfur react in an acidic environment, that also contains natural amino acids, and causes the discoloration. It may look funny but it tastes great!

How to use fermented garlic

• Make a garlic butter by mixing half a cup of butter with 3-4 fermented cloves of garlic.
• Make homemade pesto using this wonderful fermented garlic in place of raw.
• Hummus almost always calls for garlic. Substitute raw garlic with the fermented garlic.
• Add it to any other recipe that will remain raw.
• Add it as a garnish to a dish like spaghetti.
• Put it in your salad. It’s simple, delicate flavor will go great in any salad.


By using the Himalayan Powder Salt sold by Fermentools, you can make your brine quickly with cold water. Simply add the salt and stir. It dissolves just like that. Don’t get stuck without it. Click on the products tab above this post.


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