Why Ferment?

  • It’s Easy!
  • It Saves Money!
  • It's Health Benefits Are Amazing!

It’s Easy!

With the right equipment on hand, it’s not a time-consuming task at all. Just mix the right amount of salt in some water, submerge the food you wish to ferment, and wait. That’s it!

It Saves Money!

Have you ever come across an amazing deal on vegetables, or found that you save a significant amount of money buying in bulk? The only problem with this is the food usually spoils before you get the chance to eat it. Gardeners also know all too well the pain of throwing away a bountiful harvest because they couldn’t eat it. Now you can acquire as many veggies as you want through the summer, and have plenty stored up to last you all winter long!

It's Health Benefits Are Amazing!

Looking for clearer skin? More energy? Better Sleep at Night? Less Bloating? Weight Loss?

Fermented Foods are easily the longest documented food preperation processes known to mankind spreading over every single culture in every single time period. Fermenting fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, and grains increases the avaible mineral and vitamin content, delivers probiotics directly into the stomach of the consumer, and aids in the digestion of foods that are difficult for the human body to break down. 

How To Get Started!

We strive to make fermenting foods somthing easy that you can succeed at right away!

Our kits not only include all “The Tools You Need to Ferment With Success”, but we also include a small booklet with instructions and a recipe for your very first batch of saurkraut. Our website also is an ever expanding data base where you can explore fermenting in so many different ways!

Crash Course in Fermentation:

Fermentools uses food grade 304 stainless steel lids that are speically designed to work with glass wide-mouthed Mason jars. Our method, along with all other methods, has one main purpose: to keep the food submerged in the brine and unexposed to air.

When your product is submerged under a brine (or salt water solution) and away from air, an anaerobic environment is created. This environment is necessary for lacto-fermentation to occur, which creates your pro-biotic rich preserved product. Fermentools uses airlocks to keep the oxygen and external air away from the submerged food trapping in carbon dioxide and lactic acid. The more carbon dioxide that is produced, the more air that is pushed out and kept out of the container via the airlock. 

Let me tell you, there is NOTHING more satisfying then seeing bubbles make their way out of your jars of fermenting goodies on your counter top! You get to witness a mysterious tradition that's been handed down to us for thousands of years!

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