Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Asparagus

Indulging in the delightful taste of pickled asparagus is a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the year, even beyond the short-lived asparagus season.  While preserving asparagus may seem tricky, especially since it is typically enjoyed fresh during its peak season, one preservation method stands out for its exceptional results: pickling. Preserving asparagus … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Fermented Jalapenos: How to Make, Store, and Enjoy!

Are you looking for a way to add some zing to your meals? Look no further than these mouth-watering fermented jalapenos!  Fermented jalapenos are a delicious and tangy condiment that can add a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes.  Made by preserving jalapenos in a brine of salt and water, fermented jalapenos have … Read more

How To Make Kvass


Discover the delightful taste of homemade bread kvass – a traditional Russian drink that balances honey-like sweetness with a punch of acidity. This naturally fermented drink boasts a toasty flavor from the bread and is packed with nutrients, making it a functional food you can enjoy with practically no effort.  Using only a few scraps … Read more

How To Make Kefir Cheese

Are you a fan of milk kefir and curious about how to make kefir cheese? Look no further! While over-culturing can lead to curds and whey, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create a probiotic-rich cheese. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of making this delicious and nutritious soft cheese using milk … Read more

6 Tips for a Healthy Digestive and Immune System

Our digestive tract is a crucial part of staying well; 70 percent of our immune system as a whole resides in our gut. Keeping a healthy digestive system running smoothly will do more than keep us regular and feeling good, it will help keep us from getting sick. Posted by Andrea Research has shown that our digestive … Read more

How to Make Fermented Hummus

Of all the condiments we use on a regular basis, I never thought of making my own mustard until I read this post. Kristi not only shows how to make homemade mustard sound do-able but also delicious. Read on and see if you don’t agree. Posted by Kristi Mustard is one of the oldest condiments … Read more



Personally, I don’t think you can have too many pickles. Though dill pickles are my favorite, I can also appreciate a great bread and butter and a sweet baby gherkin. But pickles don’t have to be made only from cucumbers either. Zucchini makes great pickles. If you’ve had trouble making pickles from zucchini, Ashley has … Read more



Our lives are changing at such an incredibly fast rate, it’s easy to feel like we are losing control over them! Luckily, there are a few things we can be practically doing that are in our control. One of which is to cater to our health. What a perfect time to place some healthy habits into your … Read more

Health Benefits of Colorful Ferments

While reading this post it occurred to me that the compounds in almost every color of fruit or vegetable is shown to prevent cancer. Could it then be true that if folks just replaced the processed foods in their diets with fresh fruits and vegetables of all the colors, they are one step closer to … Read more