How to Make Delicious Sicilian Granita

One of my favorite activities to do with a small child is to make ice cream in a zip-shut bag. It’s a great hands-on activity, active enough to keep them busy, and produces a delicious outcome. Now, I can add granita to my activity list. While not requiring the shake, shake, shaking that ice cream does, … Read more

Preserving the Harvest for Winter


Cooler weather has settled in. Lost under inches of snow is our once vibrant and flourishing gardens. The plentiful harvest of crisp carrots and juicy tomatoes is behind you… or is it?!? Have you ever considered preserving as a long-storage option for the winter months? Fermenting used to be the only means of preserving the harvest for … Read more

3 Fermented Cherry Tomato Bomb Recipes

If you have kids that eat the cherry tomatoes off the vine before you can even get them picked, maybe you don’t have an abundance to ferment. But if you do, making fermented cherry tomato bombs are another way everyone will enjoy them. Read on for three of Ashley’s amazing recipes. Eaten right off the … Read more

Fermented Radishes

Fermented radishes are simply divine. Crunchy, and refreshing, they are a wonderful addition to a green leaf salad. After the fermentation process, the brine has shown some antioxidant properties. You may be able to add the brine into your green leafy salad dressing, or add it to a cold salad in place of some of … Read more

Fermented Gazpacho

We love soup at our place, but the summer is kicking in with hot and humid weather and, honestly, soup does not sound appetizing. That is when we like gazpacho, a refreshing cold soup. To give her gazpacho a nutritional boost, Kristi has fermented it. Keep reading to learn how. Gazpacho is a wonderful soup, that … Read more

Fermented Garlic Cloves


Garlic is bursting with flavor! It adds warmth and depth to any and every dish. Garlic has been used for centuries not only for its exquisite taste but actually for its medicinal properties! By fermenting garlic, you enhance these properties. Why not try adding fermented garlic into your daily routine and take a hold of … Read more

Spicy Fermented Eggs

Having a backyard flock of chickens is all the rage. In fact, many municipalities have changed their zoning restrictions, due to increased demands by homeowners wanting to keep a few hens. If you have an abundance of eggs staring you in the face, try Mary’s Spicy Fermented Eggs recipe. It is sure to please. Around … Read more

How to Ferment Garlic

Garlic has a plethora of health benefits. But when you consider the probiotics created during the fermentation process, fermented garlic is the powerhouse of foods. Read on to see how easy it is to ferment garlic for yourself, at home. Fermented garlic is not as spicy as its raw counterpart. Its impressive taste is simple … Read more

Fermented Oregano Veggies


This curious mix of fermented oregano veggies was a surprisingly tantalizing blend of flavor that we have been using as a side dish in our home for many weeks now. Although I am not usually a huge fan of oregano, I jump for this jar of cauliflower, carrots, jalapeño peppers, onions and oregano when it’s … Read more

Fermented Coleslaw


When living, my widowed mother frequently invited my family over for cake. She wanted a piece, but couldn’t eat an entire cake before it went bad. Such is a plight of the single cook. But Sarah has conquered that issue with this recipe—a small batch fermented coleslaw variation, just enough for one. After a bit, … Read more