Book Review: Water Kefir Handbook

At Fermentools, we believe in education. Learning all you can about fermentation, whether its the food you’re interested in eating or not, whether its your culture or not, will help you to understand the entire process. Enjoy this review of a book on water kefir.

If you want to get started with water kefir, you will need to do some research. Reading books can be a good place to start. I started my research not too long ago, and this is one of the books I first read.

Water Kefir Handbook is a fairly quick read. I liked that it has lots of information packed into it. I did not like that it was quite wordy. At times, it was so wordy it did not make any sense. I feel like I missed out on some information because of this. I could not always make out the point the author was making. This book also had several grammatical errors, which is not a big deal except accompanied with the wordiness; it made it even harder to comprehend sometimes.

The history of water kefir

It taught me a little bit about the history of water kefir grains, and even compares water kefir with milk kefir and kombucha. I don’t know much about these subjects, so I was very happy for the comparison!

Water kefir and kids

One of my favorite parts in the book was where it talks about how water kefir would be one of the easiest ferments to give to a child. Forget sauerkraut or pickles, you can give them a water kefir popsicle! How awesome is that!

This book is full of ideas and recipes. I had no idea there were so many things you could do with water kefir. Like make gelatin. The kids would love that too!

I liked that it told me what to do with my grains when I needed to take a break. It broke down the process in a way I could understand it easily.

Do I recommend this book?

Overall, I did learn a lot. I wonder if there are books out there that may answer more questions, but I would recommend this book to someone wanting to learn more about water kefir. It is a short read and for me it was not expensive either. I think that for the money it was worth it.

You can see the book Water Kefir Handbook on Amazon.


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