DIY Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar was one named a miracle vinegar healing every ailment from acne to indigestion to dandruff. I am not claiming this to be true, but I will say that home made Apple Cider Vinegar has tremendous health benefits and is absolutely delicious! Making Apple Cider Vinegar is really very easy! It just takes time. I … Read more

Marinating Meat with Ferments

Sometimes I’m amazed at the flavor of food someone else has cooked. I’m convinced the difference is in the little things—the secret touches that they don’t think twice about. Like marinating meat. Just this one simple step takes an otherwise unpalatable piece of meat and makes it tender and succulent. And by diverting your attention … Read more

How to Make Fermented Celery

Sneaking fermented foods into recipes is not as hard as you might think. At Fermentools, we have recipes for several fermented condiments to take the nutritional value of your burgers or sandwiches up a notch. Adding a veggie tray to meals encourages loved ones to pop a few probiotics in their mouth. And, if you … Read more

Fermented Strawberry Preserves

One summer, as my family emptied jam jars as fast as I filled them, (and I used pints, mind you) I wondered, can I put jam in quarts? I never found out because then my kids started growing up and moving out and I didn’t have the need. I also never knew you could ferment … Read more

9 Delicious Ways to Serve Fermented Cranberries

As much as folks swoon over pumpkin in the fall, I can swoon over cranberry. I cannot wait for those small red powerhouse berries to show up in the produce section of the grocers so I can make cranberry bread, cranberry sauce, and more. More? You’ve got it in this post. Keep reading for nine … Read more

How to Make Lebna

Also called lebnah, lebanah, lebneh, or yogurt cheese, lebna is a creamy cheese used in Middle Eastern and Eastern European cooking.  It is an essential ingredient in tzatziki sauce.  It is a good accompaniment to bagels, naan, or pita.  Add some fresh or dried herbs to lebna for a delicious spread for crackers.  Use it instead of buttermilk … Read more

Probiotic Red Horseradish Sauce

Fermentools is all about getting healthy bacteria into our guts any way we can. The probiotic red horseradish sauce is one way to sneak them in. In fact, we have recipes for several lacto-fermented condiments that you may like. Try a few and let us know how you like them. Red or pink horseradish sauce is traditionally … Read more

How to Make Fermented Tomato Sauce

Fermented tomato sauce is a sneaky-good way to get your kids to eat fermented foods, and an awesome way to incorporate more beneficial bacteria into your life. If your children are anything like mine, they love anything having to do with tomato sauce and noodles, and they will happily dig into this lacto-fermented tomato sauce … Read more

Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe

Hot sauce, like Tabasco sauce, Sriracha sauce, and hot chili sauce get their heat from hot chili peppers and their flavors from the fruitiness of the peppers, from garlic, and from sugar.  This fermented hot sauce recipe is basic without the added ingredients you’d find in a store-bought hot sauce. If you’d like your hot … Read more