Cultured Raw Milk Butter for Your Holiday Table

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I melt butter to scramble eggs or to drizzle on my popcorn, that it splatters and pops in the pan as though it has water in it. In this post, Ashley tells why. If you want to find the secrets about butter, and how to make your own cultured raw … Read more

Scrumptious Blintzes for Brunch

If you are not familiar with the world of flatbreads, a blintz is a thin, rolled pancake filled with either cheese or fruit and then fried or baked. Not to be confused with pancakes, which are thick and fluffy, or crepes, which are not necessarily filled and are larger, blintzes are wonderful for breakfast or … Read more

Quick Probiotic Banana Pudding Cups

As a parent, finding healthful snacks for your children is always a big challenge. Don’t succumb to feeding them sugary treats full of food coloring and other additives. Try this delicious recipe for banana pudding and it will spark your imagination for other things to try. Is there anything you can’t make with bananas? One-ingredient banana ice … Read more

How to Make Delicious Kefir Cream Cheese

Most folks look at cheese as a healthy protein and dairy food. But when you consider that the milk used to make the cheese probably had additives and that the cheese has additives, the health-promoting aspect of that cheese diminishes greatly. How refreshing that making cheese at home, from healthier ingredients, is a simple task. I absolutely … Read more

How to Make Sour Cream

Store bought sour cream has fillers and preservatives that you might not want on your baked potato.  It might even be made from milk that’s been genetically modified.  You don’t need to go without, though.  You can make sour cream at home with just two ingredients and a mason jar. Sour cream can be made … Read more

Can a lactose-intolerant person eat yogurt?

People that cannot tolerate dairy products tend to shy away from fermented dairy, like yogurt, as well. Whether that is necessary is a topic that many question. Here, Sarah explains just what causes lactose intolerance and what you may be able to do to help tolerate yogurt, kefir and more. Folks with lactose intolerance usually avoid dairy … Read more

Fermented Salt Cured Egg Yolks

If you keep chickens, you probably have periods that you feel overrun with eggs and wish that there were some way to easily preserve them. Now there is. However, fermented salt cured egg yolks are not a substitute for fresh eggs. They are a completely new food you will want to try after reading this … Read more