Fermented Dilly Beans for Lunchbox Treats

At Fermentools, we take our pickles seriously. Have you tried our recipe for Kosher Dill Pickle? Or maybe our Quick and Easy Garlic Ginger Pickle? No matter what the recipe, though, you will want to read Five Tips for Lacto-fermented Crunchy Pickles. And for the best in fermented goodness, keep reading for Ashley’s great fermented dilly beans. Dilly beans are one … Read more

An Amazing Garlicky Fermented Green Bean Recipe

I absolutely love green beans–growing them, eating them and putting them up for the winter. One of my favorite ways to put up green beans is to make Dilly Beans. While Abigail’s recipe doesn’t call for dill weed, you will love the zest this garlicky fermented green bean recipe brings to the table. Green beans … Read more

Soaking Whole Grains and Legumes

Imagine a world where gas and bloating were never an issue after eating bean dip! Or where rice and bread didn’t sit so heavy in your stomach. Where these foods supposed to cause such adverse reactions we have all grown accustomed to? Or could the answer to pain-free eating be found in something as simple … Read more

How to Make Cultured Almond Milk

I’ve never tried almond milk but my husband loves it in his smoothies. This recipe will surely add more power-packed nutrition to smoothies or anything you would want to use it with. I’m already thinking a dash of vanilla extract would taste great in it, too. To learn how to make cultured almond milk for … Read more

The Health Benefits of Amazake

Amazake is, arguably, Japan’s original energy drink. It’s a warm, comforting, and nutritious fermented beverage made with rice and a starter called koji. The process of making this traditional drink is so simple that anyone can do this at home. If you’re a fan of kombucha, you will enjoy the flavor and the health benefits … Read more