How to Make Fermented Celery

Sneaking fermented foods into recipes is not as hard as you might think. At Fermentools, we have recipes for several fermented condiments to take the nutritional value of your burgers or sandwiches up a notch. Adding a veggie tray to meals encourages loved ones to pop a few probiotics in their mouth. And, if you add fermented celery to your salads, rather than raw, you’ve done it again.

Making fermented celery is a pretty easy task. It only takes about 5-10 minutes of your time, and 5 – 7 days of fermenting.

How to Make Fermented Celery

How to Make Fermented Celery


• A wide-mouth, half-gallon Mason jar or an equivalently sized vessel such as a crock

• A set of Fermentools or a cheesecloth and a rubber band

• Himalayan Salt – Don’t use just any!

You will need at least one set of Fermentools if you are using Mason jars. You can begin with a starter set or you can get a set of six or twelve. The advantage of having a set of six or twelve is that you can make more batches of fermented foods at the same time, provided that you have plenty of Mason jars also. Fermentools uses an airlock system, with a stainless steel lid and beautiful glass weights. Grab a set of them today to start fermenting with airlocks.


• 1 large package of celery – this should be enough to fill up a half gallon jar, leaving 1-inch headspace, if not add more. You can include leaves and all. They go great in a salad!

• 2 Tbsp Himalayan Salt

• 4 cups unchlorinated, filtered water


  1. Clean and trim the ends off of the celery, then cut them into large chunks. (Check the picture if you need a visual.)
  2. Combine the water and salt, then mix well.
  3. Stuff the celery into your fermenting vessel. Pack them in really tight.
  4. Make sure to leave a 1-inch headspace!
  5. Pour the brine over the celery. If you have any floaters try to adjust them and pack them back down with the others.
  6. Add weights on top to keep everything under the brine.
  7. Cover your Mason jar with Fermentools,  or a crock or other vessel with cheesecloth and a rubber band.
  8. Put the celery out of direct sunlight. A pantry or a cupboard tends to be a perfect place for ferments.
  9. Ferment for 5-7 days.
  10. Refrigerate and enjoy!

Try using fermented celery on an appetizer tray with other fermented vegetables and a homemade dip. Or you could add it to your Chicken salad recipe. Another great salad option is Macaroni Pasta Salad. Gazpacho, is a cold soup that you could make with lots of fermented vegetables, including celery! If you think fermenting celery is fun, try fermenting carrots!


Whether you want to make fermented celery or sauerkraut in a Mason jar, Fermentools has what you need. Our fermentation lids for Mason jars are made of surgical steel to last a lifetime. Get a 6-pack today.


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