An Amazing Fermented Israeli Salad Recipe

In the heat of summer, one wants a cool refreshing salad to serve with a sandwich meal. This fermented Israeli salad recipe is just the ticket. Make up several jars to have on hand for when you just cannot cook or are on the run all day and need a quick meal. One of the … Read more

Lacto-fermented Fermented Beets


My son just gave me a bag of beets from his garden and I wanted to try fermenting some. But a quick scan of the internet turned up nothing for fermenting plain ol’ beets. I could find beet salad, beets pickled with vinegar, or those with all manner of herbs and seasonings added. I think Chris … Read more

Fermented Red Onions

If you shy away from onions because of their strong flavor, try fermenting them. As Kristi explains in this post, the fermentation process creates an onion with a more delicate flavor. Fermented red onions are crunchy and packed with flavor. While raw onions can be overpowering to a dish, fermented onions offer a more delicate, … Read more

Ginger Miso Fermented Scallions

Fermented scallions are a versatile addition to your summer recipes. They’ll add a bit of onion flavor, along with a bit of the freshness that comes from incorporating the scallion greens into the mix. This recipe, in particular, is for ginger miso fermented scallions, which goes well with Asian dishes. Try a homemade ramen bowl, … Read more

Amazing Fermented Giardiniera


Giardiniera is an Italian pickled relish. You may see it on the salad bar from time to time, although restaurants usually have a vinegar-based version. This fermented giardiniera recipe will use the power of salt to preserve and pickle these foods instead of vinegar. Giardiniera is an Italian pickled relish. You may see it on … Read more

Naturally Fermented Spiced Beets for Fall

My husband loves pickled beets. But the kind he grew up with came from the grocer, complete with vinegar, sugar, preservatives, and more. If you are trying to replace store-bought with healthier alternatives, try this recipe for lacto fermented beets. It will make your day. Fermented beets combine the warm flavors of fall spices with the rich … Read more

How to Make Fermented Coleslaw


Coleslaw is one of our family’s favorite foods. We cannot eat pulled pork bbq without it. I cannot wait to try Kristi’s version of fermented coleslaw. Who knew we could make one of our favorite foods even healthier. Did you know coleslaw means cabbage salad? It sure does! Coleslaw is fun to ferment, and fermented, … Read more

Ways to Enjoy Fermented Bell Peppers

The old nursery rhyme says, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” As we know, peppers don’t grow already pickled. But to pickle, or ferment them, is too easy to pass up. Read on for Abigail’s delicious recipe for fermented bell peppers. If you are clearing out the end of your garden, or you … Read more

Lacto-fermented Olives

Olives are tricky business. Either you love them or you hate them. I love them, green ones, that is. Black olives, not so much. But I add green olives to my potato or pasta salads and  to relish trays at the holiday time. It never occurred to me that I could ferment them. So, if … Read more