DIY Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar was one named a miracle vinegar healing every ailment from acne to indigestion to dandruff. I am not claiming this to be true, but I will say that home made Apple Cider Vinegar has tremendous health benefits and is absolutely delicious!

Making Apple Cider Vinegar is really very easy! It just takes time. I am going to share my simple method and how I have been making it for years.

Apple Cider Vinegar Ingredients

Apples – I use the cores and peels only! You can choose whatever kind you like (we usually buy gala, pink lady or red delicious)


Distilled Water

The Method

(1) Peel and core your apples and use the meat of the apples to make something delicious for friends and family. Pack the peels and cores into a mason jar. I use half gallon jars since my family is pretty large, but a quart size jar is just fine as well.

(2) Place sugar (1/4 cup for quart jar – 1/2 cup for half gallon) into a bowl or second jar and mix with water until dissolved. Pour the water over the apples.

(3) Assemble your Fermentools Airlock System on top and place your jar in a cool, dark place to ferment for 4 weeks. Yes FOUR WEEKS!

(4) After four weeks, strain out the apples and pour your liquid back into the mason jar. Place your Fermentools Airlock System back on top of the jar and place your vinegar in a cool, dark place for another 3-4 weeks to continue fermenting.

(5) Finally, after the final 4 week stretch, you should see what’s called a “mother” form in your vinegar! It should have a sweet alcohol smell and be a bit cloudy with fragments of the “mother” floating around. If you don’t like the look of these fragments, you can always strain them off, but they are very beneficial to your health!

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Now you can make all sorts of dishes, sauces, and beverages with a shot of your very own, DIY Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar! Congrats!

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